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FOG ADVISORS CEO Presents "H.R.'s Practical Guide to Security" to Chicagoland's Human Resources Association


May 1, 2008


(Oak Brook, IL)  Jeff Kedrowski, CPP, CEO and Principal Consultant of FOG ADVISORS Security Management and Public Safety Consultants, was the featured speaker for the April 23, 2008 meeting of Chicagoland's Human Resource Association.  The session, entitled "H.R.'s Practical Guide to Security: Before the Call to 911," addressed proactive strategies to help small and mid-sized companies mitigate security risks and prepare for situations where outside help may be required.


Among the many areas of security concerns facing employers today, Jeff commented on some basic principles of good security, including basic access control, security of private information, and consistency in applying multiple layers of protection.  Jeff addressed the migration of the perceived "culture of violence" into the workplace, and how incidents at other businesses impact employee and customer perception of safety in your business.  "Employers should understand that media coverage of security incidents in other venues shape employee and customer perception of their safety while at your establishment, and you should be using experiences elsewhere to continually re-evaluate your own security posture and your emergency response plans."  Kedrowski further noted that "the students involved in the recent widely publicized graffiti threat incidents at schools will soon be part of your employee population, so we should be thinking ahead about how we would respond to a similar situation in our workplaces.  The cost of admission in these incidents is very low, namely the price of a marker and 10 seconds of spare time,  and this activity usually involves little risk of the offender getting caught, so it is reasonable to predict that workplaces will eventually see more of these behaviors."


FOG ADVISORS, LLC is an independent security management and public safety consulting firm based in Oak Brook, IL.  For further information, or to inquire about our services, contact Jeff Kedrowski, CPP, at (630) 563-9701.



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